Chordline Limited are a highly experienced Airfreight Specialist with over 28 years experience in the Industry. If you are looking for Door to door, Airport to Airport or Door to Airport, requiring an Express Service or Consolidation Services not only will our quotes be competitive but we can arrange all the export paperwork from Customs declaration to Import or Export Licences depending on your commodity

We handle Pets, High Value Goods, Firearms to Aircraft Parts to most European and International destinations using the most cost effective service suitable to the size of the cargo.

Please Contact Chordline and experience our individual Services in arranging a free no obligation quote or Just providing helpful Guidance and Advice for your companies requirements.

Our Service includes:


  • Export Declarations
  • High Value Goods
  • Pet
  • A.O.G
  • Firearms
  • Expert Advice
  • Commodities Selection
  • Export CPC (Customs Procedure Codes)
  • Documentation (Carnets, Licences, EUR1’s or Certificate of Origins)
  • Express or Consolidation Services
  • OB Clearances – Hand Carried – Merchandise in Baggage
  • Personal Effects


  • Customs Clearance (Direct with HMRC Via e-Customs System)
  • High Value Goods
  • Pet
  • A.O.G
  • Firearms
  • Home Use, IPR, TA or Warehouse or the CPC meeting your companies Requirements
  • Transhipments
  • MIB Clearances-  Hand Carried – Merchandise in Baggage
  • Personal Effects


If you require further information please click here or contact us via the form on the Contact page



Aircraft on ground, critical situation or stock replacement.

We provide a full 24 hours service preventing any delay in these time sensitive shipment.



Depending on the classification of Firearm requirements, various Import and Export licences will be required. Rules and Regulations also differ between Personal and commercial shipments.


Pet Travel

We work closely with a local company registered to handle your pet and their requirements, making the importing or exporting as stress free as possible.


Special Services

When a loved one or Family member has Passed Away, We make the repatriation, stress free and can make full arrangements with the Funeral Director.